How a humble dental clinic fell in love with Thermomix


Thermomix for foodies

The Vorwerk Thermomix. What a brilliant kitchen accessory. Thanks to our very own Violeta, we have come to appreciate the amazingly tasty and versatile meals this cooking gem provides. In fact, a few of us here at Altona Gate Dental now have one of these babies sitting proudly on our kitchen benches.

Violeta likes to try out new recipes and who better to test their deliciousness on than us? How lucky are we? Perhaps we should focus  more on chocolate experiments, Violeta? Or perhaps more staple meals such as cheese cakes?

It is amazing what a few buttons can do to a zucchini. I kid you not! Beetroot into blissful balls? Fabulous freekeh fried with fennel? Crunchy quinoa crusted quaintly? The taste buds are astounded!

We love you, Thermomix- and you, naturally, Violeta!


If you are interested in booking your own Thermomix experience, why not contact Violeta for your very own demonstration? 

Note to self: Start your in home demonstration on an empty stomach!