Infection Control

Dental Infection Control

At Altona Gate Dental we are proud to use only degradable plastics for our infection control in the dental rooms. The plastic barriers, bin liners, plastic wraps, suction tips, disposable cups and instrument covers are made with 100% oxo-biodegrable material that is gentle to our environment. On average, one dental treatment visit can use 12-15 pieces of plastic per patient....that is a large amount of plastic per day, week, month and year. Plastic is necessary in optimum infection control for our dental team and valued customers and with this in mind, we sourced a material that is more environmentally friendly.

Hey, talking about friendly, that's us! We are very friendly at Altona Gate Dental. And gentle. We are very friendly and gentle and unlike the plastics we use at Altona Gate Dental, we want your fabulous smile to be around for a very long time!