Carmen Cham Altona Gate Dental

  Carmen is a registered Oral Health Therapist / Dental Hygienist at Altona Gate Dental and she works closely with Dr Peter and Dr Kevin in providing outstanding oral health care for adults and children. This includes examining, diagnosing and treating dental tooth decay and gum diseases and performing routine dental treatments. They will carefully examine and chart your teeth and gums noting in particular: inflammation, bleeding, swelling, and the presence of plaque and calculus. If there are any concerns we will discuss them with you and the various treatment options available. We will demonstrate how to effectively use toothbrushes, dental floss and inter-dental brushes.

Carmen also treats early to advanced cases of periodontal disease (gum disease) with non-surgical periodontal therapy (scaling and root planing). She is licensed to give local anaesthesia (injections) to make this procedure more comfortable if required. She will remove plaque and surface stains by gentle scraping, polishing and the use of  high-tech prophyflex power sprays.(No, it won't hurt!) If required, we will take x-rays to examine inside and in between the teeth and under the gums. 

She can also place sealants and perform restorations and extractions for children, right up to young adulthood. This is especially beneficial for children. We find they  are comfortable and relaxed with Carmen and they enjoy visiting her. She takes great pride in educating and motivating children to maintain healthy oral hygiene habits that can be carried through to adulthood.  In fact, we fondly call Carmen our Hygiene Super Hero!

Our aim is to assist you in the prevention of periodontal (gum) disease and dental cavities that can cause decay, pain and even the loss of teeth. We are keen to work with you in obtaining optimum oral hygiene for life and we can educate your children on the importance of brushing and help you encourage them to incorporate good daily oral hygiene habits. Regular oral hygiene visits will help your teeth stay cleaner, last longer and can prevent painful problems from developing.