Gum disease is quite common and can affect people of all ages. It usually begins as a build-up of plaque on your teeth. Plaque starts off as a clear, sticky film that is a form of bacteria. It can change colour to a brown or pale yellow build up around your teeth and is then called tartar. It is commonly found between the teeth on the gum line and can progress under the gum line, on the front and the back of teeth, and on chewing surfaces of the teeth. It is difficult to control on your own.

Left untreated it can progress to Periodontitis. Pockets in the gums around the teeth hold plaque, tartar and bacteria, causing gum irritation and inflammation, bleeding when brushing, bad breath and receding of the gums. The receding of the gums can cause sensitivity, tooth mobility and even tooth and bone loss.

The good news? It is treatable and with regular cleans, sometimes including deep cleans under the gum line and regular monitoring, it can be reversed. Our dental hygienist and our dentists can help you avoid and overcome gum disease and assist you in correct brushing and flossing techniques to maintain that beautiful, unique smile of yours.