Dental Implants

 Do you have unsightly gaps in your mouth that hinder your ability to smile with confidence and freedom? Are you constantly hiding your beautiful smile in photographs? Do you have to restrict your dining to eating certain foods that can be consumed without embarrassment? Are those empty spaces in your smile effecting the fabulous life you deserve to lead?

An Altona Gate Dental Implant may be a great solution for you. Here at Altona Gate Dental we love dental implants. In fact, we think there should be a public holiday once a year in honour of the dental implant, they are that good!

Altona Gate Dental Implants are the best solution for permanently replacing missing teeth and mimicking the look and function of your natural tooth from the bottom to the top. A great dental implant is one that cannot be recognised.  No one will know you even have one. They are not removable, do not shift or slip in your mouth and can even help stabilise a loose denture. An Altona Gate Dental Implant is incredibly strong and allows you to eat the food you want to enjoy.

How does an Altona Gate Dental Implant work?

We position a metal post into the empty space at the gum (socket), this post acts as a root in the jaw and the surrounding tissue will accept it as a natural part of your mouth.  It anchors the porcelain tooth that’s attached to it securely and firmly.

An Altona Gate Dental Implant can be the perfect solution to giving you that radiant smile you have always dreamed of and  the confidence you deserve.