Altona Gate Dental Root Canal Treatment

 Root Canal Treatment. Just the name has you breaking out in a cold sweat, right? Well take a deep breath and read on.

Root canal therapy is a simple, pain free solution to saving your teeth and stopping the agonising pain that your infected tooth is causing you. We feel sorry for the poor Root Canal Treatment. What a bad rap it has received over the years. When do you here someone raving about their root canal treatment? How easy and pain free it is? Visit us at Altona Gate Dental. Our patients will tell you just this.

An Altona Gate Dental root canal treatment is usually performed over two to three visits and involves cleaning and removing the infection in the root of the tooth. This infection has the potential to eat away at the bone of the jaw if left unattended (not to mention the worsening pain). Once the tooth has been cleaned of the infection, the inner tooth will be filled and sealed to prevent the breakdown of the tooth structure.

A temporary filling is placed onto the tooth between visits to allow you eat and smile with confidence. On completion of a root canal, a strong porcelain crown or filling will be placed onto the tooth for strength and durability. Now that doesn’t sound so bad, does it?