Altona Gate Dental Orthodontics

 When we think of braces we may think of bulky, uncomfortable 'train tracks' protruding out of our mouths. We are happy to tell you, things have changed. Braces have become less bulky and visible in recent years and there are many more options available, from metal to clear and even clear aligners. Dare we say it, Altona Gate Dental braces are even fashionable!

 Now more than ever, children are not the only ones wearing braces. Adults appreciate how braces can improve their looks and increase their confidence. 

At Altona Gate Dental we use some of the newest orthodontic and cosmetic techniques to give you straight teeth and improve the attractiveness of your smile. While having beautiful straight teeth is important, equally important is the need to correct any potential health problems associated with the teeth or jaw. Teeth and jaws that are not aligned properly can lead to dental problems, eventual wear and tear, advanced tooth decay and gum disease, to name a few.

Altona Gate Dental can recommend the best orthodontic treatment options to suit you or your child.