Altona Gate Dental Fillings

  Dental cavities. Sneaky things, dental cavities. They can eat away at your tooth and you may not even know it. This is because the outer enamel of a tooth has no nerves. It is only when the cavity enters the underlying dentin that the cavity may begin to feel sensitive. A cavity weakens the tooth, causing it to fracture when biting down. It can attack an existing filling, making it very fragile. How do you treat a cavity?

An Altona Gate Dental Filling will do the trick. We remove the decay from the tooth, clean the infected area and restore the tooth with a filling, back to it’s normal shape, colour and function. We have a variety of filling materials available, a composite being the most popular. An Altona Gate Dental composite is a tooth coloured filling that blends beautifully with your natural tooth colour.

Cavities are not particularly fond of fillings. But we think they are great. By closing off spaces where bacteria can enter, a filling helps prevent further decay and bigger problems such as root canal or extraction.


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