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Scare away tooth decay this Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and along with the excitement of heading outdoors in their favourite Halloween costume, our children can consume a large amount of sugary sweets. Let's be honest, many of us adults can as well.
Here are some simple tips to aid in the combat of cavity formation.

Munching on cheese, yoghurt or drinking a  glass of milk after eating sugary
foods can be beneficial due to the effect it has on plaque PH

Researchers suggest that cheese has anti-cavity properties because of the rising pH levels, which leads to an increase in calcium and triggers
saliva formation, helping to re-harden tooth enamel. Yes, saliva is our friend!

Crunching into a juicy apple after eating sweets can be beneficial. While fresh fruits do contain high sugar levels and can be sweet and acidic, they can stimulate saliva flow, says Reader's Digest. The extra saliva reduces cavities because it lowers levels of bacteria.

This tip is good for adults who tuck into their children's collection of sweets. I have been known to bribe my child into handing over her last Red Tulip easter egg for the latest copy of the Girl Power magazine, so this really is a great tip for me!
Sipping on green tea or black tea after having a sugary treat can reduce cavities by preventing plaque build-up and inhibiting bacteria. The leaves of the Camilla sinensis plant in tea has been linked to preventing tooth decay due to its anti-cavity properties, according to Kenyon College. Try to avoid sweetening your tea with sugar or cream.
Visit medical Daily for more information.

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