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Brushing your child's teeth.
Healthy Body,Healthy Smile. 24hr Gym for $6.00 pw!
Scare away tooth decay this Halloween
Friendly faces of Altona Gate Dental fighting harmful oral bacteria
Beet the lipstick bandit with beetroot!


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Brushing your child's teeth.

How many times has your child proudly breathed in your face to ensure you they have brushed their teeth, the minty scent wafting out and used as a form of confirmation?

Oh, I’m on to you, little ones! 
The oldest trick in the book- one I used myself!

Red, swollen gums and a furry white film over the teeth can be indications your child’s brushing is not totally adequate.
I watch my seven year old brush her teeth and I just know all those pearly whites are not getting the full attention that they deserve.

Healthy Body,Healthy Smile. 24hr Gym for $6.00 pw!

We know that a gym is not tooth related, but a fabulous gym that offers a great service at a reasonable price is something to smile about!

FIT247 offers just that. 
$0 joining fee, air conditioned, Personal Viewing screens on their cardio equipment, 24 hour access and located close to Footscray Station.
It is situated in Footscray at Level 2, 86-88 Hopkins Street, just off Dynon Road.

FIT247 is offering an unbeatable price of $6.00 per week or a yearly membership at $199.00.

Contact details:
1300 FIT 247,

Scare away tooth decay this Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and along with the excitement of heading outdoors in their favourite Halloween costume, our children can consume a large amount of sugary sweets. Let's be honest, many of us adults can as well.
Here are some simple tips to aid in the combat of cavity formation.

Munching on cheese, yoghurt or drinking a  glass of milk after eating sugary
foods can be beneficial due to the effect it has on plaque PH

Researchers suggest that cheese has anti-cavity properties because of the rising pH levels, which leads to an increase in calcium and triggers

Friendly faces of Altona Gate Dental fighting harmful oral bacteria

Here at Altona Gate Dental, we definitely do not want to put a damper on your weekend, but we do want to keep you informed and updated on the latest news on maintaining your oral health and the benefits gained for you.
Tender, bleeding gums, periodontal disease and tooth decay can not only be signs of poor oral health, it can also possibly increase your risk of lung infection.

We all know that regular visits to the friendly, very down to earth and very human dentist can be beneficial! Here at Altona Gate Dental, we don’t bite, we definitely don’t judge and we really want to help you achieve great oral health.

Beet the lipstick bandit with beetroot!

Have you ever searched for your lipstick, only to find it tucked away in your daughter's drawer, the creamy nib broken and covered in fluff? 
I have. Many times!
This six year old girl can apply lipstick with such precision and accuracy, I am begrudgingly impressed. If only she coloured in the lines for her homework with such concentration and skill.

I started to think about simple and cheap lip colour alternatives for my lovely girl to use and I decided to experiment with products found around the home.

Don't turf out the old toothbrush just yet!

Next time you replace your toothbrush, don't throw out the old one. Toothpaste and a toothbrush can be very useful around the home.

Kids ride their bikes through the muddy puddles on a rainy day? Get them to grab an old toothbrush to clean the caked on mud from their bicycle chain.

 A dab of toothpaste on a pimple helps clear up that zit by the morning. Ensure you use a non-whitening toothpaste and don’t forget to wash it off before you head out for the day!

An old toothbrush is ideal for cleaning the filter cover and drain pipe of your washing machine.

Mosquito Invasion!

Mosquito season is here!

As evening approaches on a lovely warm day in Melbourne, our backyards and our homes are invaded by thousands of unwelcome mosquitoes.
Have you noticed their bites are particularly painful this year?
A cool tip to sooth the sting of the dreaded mosquito bite is to apply a small amount of toothpaste onto the itchy welt.

The anti-inflammatory ingredients of toothpaste can provide hours of relief to the itchy area. It may be a good idea to throw a tube of toothpaste into your picnic bag before you head out!

Altona Gate Tooth Fairy Visit The Children

Altona Gate dental Children Tooth Fairy
Altona Gate Dental's Charity & Marissa visited local Kindergartens and Primary Schools to discuss healthy oral hygiene habits.
We met so many wonderful children and teachers / carers along the way.
We were very impressed with their knowledge on looking after their pearly whites & they were all very friendly & welcoming.
The children enjoyed participating in "Our dental visit" and looked fabulous in the cool glasses & colourful dental bibs.
We hope you get great use out of your

Flossing with Dr Jonathan at Altona Gate Dental

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Altona Gate Dental Shows you how to floss your teeth
How to floss
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