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Melbourne's Altona Gate dental Teeth Whitening
Imagine yourself with a bright smile so stunning it will turn heads!

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you! A beautiful smile will give you more confidence and make you look and feel younger.

At Altona Gate Dental we have take home bleaching kits that are easy and convenient to use, day or night, it’s your choice.

We fabricate custom made trays that fit your teeth exactly and ensure the correct amount of whitening solution is in contact with your teeth. These trays can be reused at any time with our top up bleach, available at our office.

We record the original shade of your teeth, using our colour shade guides and we invite you to return on completion of your bleaching to evaluate the stunning results of your lighter, brighter smile.

Talk to us at Altona Gate dental to see if our take home bleaching kits are suitable for you.

To make an appointment or ask a question, please  enquire online  for a fast response, or phone 03 9318 0771. We look forward to hearing from you.