Altona Gate Dental - Every smile is precious
Altona Gate Dental love teeth. Big teeth, small teeth, crooked and straight teeth. We want to help you hold on to them as long as possible but sometimes an extraction is the only option. Maybe the tooth cannot be saved, maybe wisdom teeth are impacted.

Whatever the reason, if a tooth needs to be removed, Altona Gate Dental can do this in a calm, relaxing and friendly environment. Your comfort is our concern and we want you to leave amazed at the ease of having your tooth removed, so you can get back to enjoying your life.

In fact, many of our patients are surprised when the procedure is
complete! They are waiting for that painful sensation and are so relieved when we tell them the tooth is out!

We can even discuss options for having the missing tooth replaced in the future if required.

To make an appointment or ask a question, please  enquire online  for a fast response, or phone 03 9318 0771. We look forward to hearing from you.