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Melbourne's Altona Gate Dental TOOTH VENEERS
Do you have discolored teeth that cannot be brightened with dental cleans or teeth bleaching?

Are you unhappy with the overall shape of your teeth? Do they have gaps or are they chipped?

Altona Gate Dental Veneers may be the simple solution for you to achieve a stunning smile you can be proud of.

An Altona Gate Dental Veneer is an excellent alternative to crowns in many situations. They provide a much more conservative approach to changing the color of the tooth, size or shape. They will not stain, are not bulky and you can have them sparkling in your mouth in two visits!

A veneer is a wafer thin shell made of porcelain that is cemented over the top of your existing tooth. We work with you to obtain a suitable colour that is natural in appearance and suits your skin tone and colouring.

Melbourne's Altona Gate Dental veneersAltona Gate Dental can give you that movie star smile you have always dreamed of. Forget the movie star, at Altona Gate Dental you are already a star!!

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