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Melbourne's Altona Gate Dental CROWNS AND BRIDGES
Do you suffer from a broken down tooth that makes it very hard to eat freely and comfortably?

You find you have to push your food to the other side of your mouth, the uncomfortable side that starts to feel tender and sore, due to the sudden need to compensate for the broken down tooth?

Perhaps have a heavily filled tooth that constantly chips and breaks and you get it refilled, only to have it fail again?

Do you have fillings on your front teeth (anterior teeth) that are fragile and unreliable as they too can break and chip?

You may benefit from an Altona Gate Dental crown or bridge.
A crown is a type of dental restoration made of pure porcelain which completely encircles the tooth and is permanently bonded using a dental cement.

It is strong and durable and looks and feels like a natural tooth. It saves your natural tooth from further weakening and breakage and even eventual removal.

You can sink your teeth into that juicy steak without any hesitation.

An Altona Gate Dental bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth.  An artificial tooth made of porcelain is anchored to a natural tooth on each side of the gap and cemented firmly in place. 

Restoring a missing tooth with a bridge helps prevent stresses and damage to the other teeth, prevents teeth near the gap shifting and maintains the natural bite and just like a crown, they are strong and durable and very natural in appearance.
Ready for more great news? An Altona Gate Dental crown or bridge can be completed in two visits!

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