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Anti-wrinkle Injections
Finally! Who do you trust most when it comes to your smile, your facial muscles and we are proud to say, pain free injections? 
Yes! Your dentist! 
Altona Gate Dental Root Canal Beautiful face, beautiful smile, beautiful model. Do we want to transform you into this picture above? Well, quite simply, no.
Your beauty is unique. There is only one you. We want to enhance your natural beauty and create a lovely frame for your individual, beautiful smile.

So what are anti-wrinkle injections?
Anti-wrinkle injections are a highly refined protein commonly used to relax facial muscles. This protein temporarily blocks the normal transmission of nerve impulses to the targeted muscle, preventing muscle contraction and softening the normal ageing lines of the face. The body gradually breaks down this protein, so the effects are not permanent. Over time and with repeated use of anti-wrinkle injections, the effect can be longer lasting.

Anti-wrinkle injections were originally developed for therapeutic uses such as cerebral palsy, chronic migraine and excessive sweating, to name a few, and is still used for these purposes today. It has quickly become the most common, licensed non-surgical cosmetic procedure for the treatment of the relaxation of facial muscles and is used extensively worldwide. 

Dr Peter Zafiropoulos administers this product to soften lines, rejuvenate your facial features and let’s face it, enhance that beautiful smile!

Common treatment areas are:
 Frowns Lines: You know the ones, those annoying lines between the eyes and the ones across your forehead, making you look slightly angry even when you are perfectly happy.

Smoker’s Lines: We must stress, you do not need to be a smoker to have these lines around the mouth. They are mostly caused by regular lip movement and anyone can get them.

Crow’s Feet: Also known as laughter lines, which personally, we think is a much better term. These wrinkles and fine lines are found on the outer corner of the eyes.

Bunny Lines: Now isn't this a cute name for facial lines? These are the peculiar lines around your nose when you smile. 

The anti-wrinkle injections are administered through very fine needles and whilst pain control is rarely needed, we always offer ice packs and numbing topical gel for your comfort. The procedure generally takes 15-20 minutes and can usually be administered on your consultation appointment. Please ensure you advise our friendly receptionist when booking your appointment so enough time can be allocated just for you.  
Dr Peter Zafiropoulos offers free consultations to discuss your expectations and naturally, the limitations. At Altona Gate Dental, our belief is the ‘frozen look’ needs to stay in Hollywood and gossip magazines! Our aim is to soften the signs of ageing and enhance your natural beauty- yes, this means you as well men- and have you feeling great!   

It usually takes 10 days for the full effect to take place and can last between 4-6 months. The muscle movement will return to normal after this time. Having regular treatments will gradually weaken the muscle addressed and have a longer lasting effect.

Call us on 93180771 to book a free consultation with Dr Peter Zafiropoulos to discuss how anti-wrinkle injections may be suitable for you.